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Case Studies

Investigative Case Files

 A young woman is sexually assaulted, but has no memory of what happened or how she ended up in a strange place.  She and her family do not want to contact police initially, but want to know what happened.  Our firm retraced her whereabouts that night and provided the young woman and her family with solid facts to make informed decisions about how to proceed.

A young man away at college meets a young woman on the Internet and travels to her campus for several dates.   A short time later, he is accused of sexual assault. A thorough investigation resulted in proof that the allegations were false and the charges were dropped.

Our firm was hired by the defense for a man accused of murder. Our investigation resulted in the charges being dropped against an innocent man.  In another case, the client was found guilty, but our mitigation investigation resulted in the client being spared  the death penalty.

A company who hired us to do routine background checks on employees resulted in identification of an employee who had access to residences and a history as a sexual predator. The employee was fired and liability for negligent retention was prevented.

A foster family was in the process of adopting their foster child when a previously uninterested biological father showed up demanding money to give up his parental rights. When they refused payment, he filed for partial custody and was abusing the child while in his care.  An in depth back ground investigation revealed a history of molestation (unreported to authorities) and the foster family won custody of the child.

A school district received allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of an employee with significant control over children. An undercover operative was placed in the school and led to termination of the employee. Improved policies and systems put in place upon our recommendation.

Attorneys for an insurance company hired us to investigate fraud. Extensive fieldwork and research resulted in locating and interviewing witnesses resulting in successful litigation for the firm.

A woman was sure her husband was cheating and hired us to confirm her fears.  Her husband was followed to the Jersey shore, where he was overheard, having lunch in a restaurant with some golfing buddies, saying that he adores his wife.  There was no infidelity.  An entirely different case resulted in a finding that the client's husband was having an affair with a man and had been misleading her about exposure to serious health issues.


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